Sunday, January 22, 2006

Dwight and Maricela Wedding

January 21, 2005 was the date that Dwight and Maricela tied the knot. A beautiful little home ceremony and reception was held as Connie and I photographed it. Please enjoy the images below.

Thanks Dwight and Maricela for inviting us out.

A wonderful thought

A ring moment

A fun moment

Mother and son

Before Modification

With modification - richer color, vignette, facial blemishes touched up and soft focus

The Rings

A candid moment

Sweet Love

Friday, January 20, 2006

Avondale Mazda Grand Opening

This past Friday I was asked by a caterer friend of mine (All About Catering C0.) to come and cover the Grand Opening VIP Party for Avondale Mazda. I have been attending some of Ginny's catering jobs to shoot her food setups as a favor. This time I actually was able to charge a fee. Here are a few pics from that engagement.

Mazda in the daytime.


I didn't realize until after I left that there were chocolates in these boxes. I regret not taking at least one. DOH!!!

Tamale and Quesadilla Extract.

Mazda at sunset.

I don't shoot many events of this type but it was a nice learning experience.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Robert and Joanna

This past friday I had the pleasure to take pictures of Robert and Joanna. Celebrating their wedding anniversary, they decided to have some pictures taken. I took them down to The Farm at South Mountain. Usually The Farm has great shade but being the middle of winter, all the pecan trees shed their follage. Here are the results.

On the park benches in the wide open spaces.

Next to a storage shed.

Next to a pecan tree with a midnight filter.

Next to the same pecan tree.


Down the path of barren pecan trees.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Daniel and Connie with Brittany on the Farm

This past Sunday I packed up my wife Connie and the family and took a drive from Phoenix to someplace 40 miles east of Yuma. On an 1100 acre farm my kids rode ATV's and horses while Connie and I had a senior portrait shoot. Our model for the day, Brittany was a great subject to work with.

By bails of hay, the family grows alfalfa.

Next to a restricted area air force site. They live next to a munitions dump.

The road that borders their property and the munitions dump.

Miles and miles of alfalfa. MMMMM

On some old pipes I thought looked pretty cool.

On one of the family's tractors.

Brittany and her family were great. They fed us at the end of the day and our kids slept in the car the whole way home. Heaven!!!!